Welcome to your Master Program DEC


Start your professional career with dialogmarketing and e-commerce in unique Gengenbach monastery!

In spring semester 2016 the departments of Business Administration and Industrial Engineering (B+W) and Media and Information (M+I) opened a brand-new interdisciplinary master program in the monastery campus building in Gengenbach.

Eleven students holding bachelor degrees from universities all over Germany made their first steps in e-commerce. In fall semester 22 more students joined to study the program‘s second area of concentration which is Dialogmarketing.

Living in Gengenbach is different – you enjoy a historic medieval town, many traditional festivals, local food specialties, and many outdoor activities.

DEC master students learn how to develop dialogmarketing campaigns by applying your theoretical interdisciplinary knowledge in real-live situations. E-commerce application development is complex: A broad media, marketing, technical, and conceptual background enables the students to create e.g. an e-commerce shop on their own and evaluate the user experience in our famous customer experience tracking (CXT) lab.